The Masseur

Experience & Creativity

Since 2015 I have been creating every session tailored to every customer and at the same time, developing and improving a series of very own techniques that have shaped my unique style. Deep Tissue and Traditional Balinese Style are the techniques that I combine to find the perfect balance between pressure and relaxation in each session. I had the opportunity to learn at Jamu Spa School located in Bali, Indonesia back in 2017.


A full bodywork

Every session offered is meant to cover the entire body from head to toe, not only focusing on the back but the chest, glutes and legs, inner and outer thighs as well, applying the right pressure depending on each customer's preference and counting on a developed sense of intuition & awareness of energy interaction.


Having the strength & conditioning for a deep & strong bodywork therapy is considered important for most men & practicing Pole Fitness as a hobby have certainly helped in combination with a healthy physical/mental lifestyle.

Willing to provide my best

Always do my best in all I do & my work is not an exception, which means that when I offer a session is because all my willingness & energy are aligned to provide an outstanding session experience for the customer.

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